Everything is to be considered



Orange County is coined as the laid-back SoCal lifestyle, where you surf the sunset into a starry night ... While that is absolutely true, OC is now the place of cutting-edge concepts, business and technology. The competition here is growing fast and we predict it will be heading some of the top companies. Progressive strategies will fuel this momentum. This will sustain the future of work and lifestyle in the modern Orange County.

We're carving waves and shaping new designs. With great minds collaborating around the Creative Director, our inspiration is fresh, and our driving force is for a better tomorrow (fame is also nice). 

L.A. and N.Y. have taught us a lot about design and related industries. We have taken notes. As a fast-growing little brother, we tend to grow bigger and taller. We'll be carrying you on our shoulders sooner that you think.


SpotLife is made up of one designer named Martin (and his Band of Advisers). He is a pseudo entrepreneur who wears many hats. Look through the galleries of his work and you will see creative ranging from high-end, digital design to fine-finish carpentry. His love of design and material ingenuity has him broadening his skills with current studies in three-dimensional design, prototyping and printing.

Martin points out that design-niche doesn't end at the desk or in an alternative art project one keeps to themselves. "Viewing the mainstream world of art in one big picture, helps me predict trend-shifts. Picking it apart allows me to see what I can do better. The piece I hide in my shop, has undeniable outside influence. Who's artwork doesn't?" Specialization due to fragmentation is why things go niche, but having the broad perspective is an important aspect to keep.

While Martin's main focus is design, he keeps an open mind to ideas and input from all directions. "Everything is to be considered," he adds. Going the extra mile (or surfing that last wave as the sun sets), one realizes where success comes from: hard work and dedication, which cannot be achieved unless you put in your Life.

"What's your primary objective?"
- Martin Nilchian  



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  • Graphic Design (Branding & Identity)
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Digital Media

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  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Photo Retouching & Correction
  • Promotional Videos


  • Product Design & Modeling
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